Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Albert Pan • President 

Albert is a junior in Columbia College double majoring in Economics and Math. He grew up in Toronto before spending his high school years in New Jersey. As Albert engages in his profound human struggle to understand who he is, he has found AAA to be a stimulus for growth and a family away from home. Through the AAA community, Albert has discovered his passion for Asian American issues, and he is honored to lead AAA this year!

Albert loves Taylor Swift’s music, making videos, and telling jokes; he has an unusually loud laugh and he laughs uncomfortably often. Albert is also very conscious of his health and it seems as though he is always on a diet and at the gym. He also enjoys exploring new places and eating delicious food all over the city.

Bou Lee  Vice President

Bou is a current Junior at Columbia College majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures and Concentrating in Business Management. She has a passion for anything regarding East Asian history and culture and cares deeply about social and political issues that are important to the APIA community. In addition to being heavily involved in AAA, especially as the former director of cultureSHOCK, she is a member of the Korean Students Association and the Activities Board at Columbia. She enjoys all types of food and having new experiences. She also has a pillow panda pet named Pablo, who has been fortunate enough to accompany her on all her adventures around the world.


Khoi Nguyen • Treasurer

Khoi is a sophomore in Columbia College prospectively majoring in Biology with a special concentration in Business Management. Khoi is from sunny Southern California, which is the home of Disneyland, palm trees, and In-N-Out Burger. In high school, Khoi was not truly cognizant of the various issues such as immigration and health disparities that affect the Asian American community today. Joining AAA has allowed Khoi to find his voice in social activism and he hopes to impart this sense of awareness to others as well as build solidarity with other cultural organizations on campus in order to create a meaningful dialogue around Asian American issues.

Aside from AAA, Khoi is a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon, an Asian-Interest Fraternity on campus, a member of CAVA and a student instructor for Heath & Education for the Asian Liver (H+EAL). He also enjoys eating extremely unhealthy foods so if you’re down for JJs or McDonald’s, he’s also down. Finally, Khoi loves watching movies (Lord of the Rings, any Will Ferrell/Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill movie), TV shows (Game of Thrones, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy), and listening to any type of music (esp. Indie, EDM, Disney songs <3)!”

Justin Chiang • Secretary

Justin is a sophomore at Columbia Engineering planning to major in either computer science or operations research. Having lived in suburban California his entire life, he is often surprised at the stressful nature of life in New York, but he chooses to embrace rather than reject this change. Justin chooses to play an active role in his community as part of AAA—promoting Asian American awareness is in his blood.  When he’s not being a student, Justin can often be found curled up in a library, shamelessly rereading Game of Thrones for the umpteenth time.


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Caroline Chiu • Social Chair

Caroline is a sophomore in SEAS studying biomedical engineering.  A Queens native, Caroline grew up appreciating the diverse community around her that taught her to always be open-minded and accepting. Caroline was first inspired to speak out for APIA issues as a young girl who simply wanted to celebrate the Lunar New Year with her family without being marked absent at school. During her senior year in high school, she launched a nationwide campaign with her non-profit organization to petition municipal and state governments to close schools with significant Asian and Asian-American populations on the Lunar New Year. Caroline is very happy that the New York State Senate recently passed a bill to recognize the Lunar New Year as a school holiday. Now Social Chair of AAA, Caroline is excited to spread more awareness about APIA issues to the broader community through thought-provoking events such as cultureSHOCK!


Siran Jiang • Co-Political Chair

Siran is a junior in Columbia College majoring in Economics and minoring in Latin American and Iberian Cultures (otherwise known as Spanish). Born in China before moving to Japan, Texas, and finally Colorado, Siran loves going to new places and meeting new people. She became introduced to Asian American issues at Columbia and is excited to bring new thought-provoking discussions to the table!

Outside of AAA, Siran likes to think she is artsy and likes to paint, sing, play piano, and write poetry. She also enjoys history and pretending to be other people, which she exercises frequently as Undersecretary of Committees and Committee Director for CIRCA. She also loves dogs – especially her favorite dog, Skruffi, at home!


Ivy Pan • Co-Political Chair

Ivy is a junior studying Operations Research in SEAS. This is her third year in AAA, and she is excited to serve as AAA’s Political Chair. Ivy has been interested and involved with APIA issues in NYC since high school, and she is happy to have found a space in Columbia for her to pursue her interests in social justice and grassroots organizing. Throughout her past few years, Ivy has been involved with local NYC non-profit groups such as serving coordinator of Chinatown Youth Initiative’s Chinatown Beautification Day and serving as the hate crimes and immigration intern for Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA-NY).

Having grown up in NYC, Ivy doesn’t think that there is a city in the world that she could love more. She loves exploring the various neighborhoods in NYC, but her favorite place to hang is probably downtown near Union Square and St. Marks. She is avid lover of the arts; Ivy enjoys dancing, singing, painting, and designing. Ivy is also always down to watch Disney Channel or Pixar movies!

Anna Fu • Co-Service Chair

Anna is a sophomore at Columbia College studying chemistry and economics. She grew up in Upstate New York, but is thrilled to be in the City. Anna is interested in science research, especially in materials science and other interesting applications of chemistry, and is currently on the Parliamentary Debate Team as well as the Columbia Science Review. Outside of school, Anna loves to eat, travel, and attend cultural events.





Eric Ho • Co-Service Chair

Eric is a Columbia College sophomore majoring in statistics and concentrating in educational studies (the weirdest combination ever). Born and raised in Monterey Park, California (colloquially part of “the 626” and known as “Little Taipei” in sunny Southern California), Eric is excited to be a part of a more diverse community in New York and at Columbia while celebrating his cultural heritage in AAA. As the 2014-2015 AAA service co-chair, Eric hopes to create more opportunities for AAA and the general body to serve the Asian American community in New York.

Eric is also part of the Columbia University Wind Ensemble and the Teaching Peace Initiative, a student-run group devoted to peace education. He’s hoping his future career will involve research on educational policies or curricular development. In his spare time, Eric likes to enjoy SoCal weather and In-n-Out burgers, play his clarinet, read books, ride his bike, write weird fan fiction involving his friends, and chat with his other nerdy friends in the self-created group BOSS (Brotherhood of the Social Sciences).”

Jack Chen • Outreach Chair

Jack is a sophomore at Columbia College double majoring in History and Economics. Born and raised in Southern California, he’s also spent significant time living in Shanghai and now Hong Kong. He enjoys being part of AAA because of how tight-knit and energetic the board is! As Outreach Chair, he plans to expand AAA’s presence by reaching out to and collaborating with other student organizations on campus.

On campus, Jack is the coordinator of the International Student Orientation Program (ISOP), which helps new international students get acclimated to life in the United States, New York City and Columbia; in addition, he’s involved in Let’s Get Ready (LGR) and the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee (URC). He enjoys digital photography, traveling and eating anything flavored green tea or chocolate, especially when the flavors are combined in Spot Dessert Bar’s green tea chocolate lava cake!

Eileen Wong • Project Manager

Eileen is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Political Science and concentrating in Business Management. She is a proud Canadian from Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia. Outside of AAA, Eileen is a Partner of the Pre-Professional Committee of the Pre-Law Society, Events Director of Columbia Youth for Debate, and a part-time teacher at the Birch Wathen Lenox School. Eileen loves exploring New York City, watching dogs in Riverside Park’s dog park, and eating ice cream (or really anything sweet).





Will Guo • Project Manager

Will is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Biology. He initially joined AAA in the spring semester of the 2013-2014 term. While he’s interested in Asian American issues, he still has a lot to learn from the rest of the members on the board and is excited to help out with cultureSHOCK. Outside of AAA, Will is involved in research at the Columbia Medical Center, treasurer of the executive board of Chinese Students Club, a member of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and a member of Student Health Outreach. He likes playing basketball, keeping fish, and playing League of Legends.





Senior Advisors

Jiawen Tang , CC ’15

Jiawen is a senior at Columbia College majoring in Economics-Political Science. Born in China and raised in Rhode Island, Jiawen became passionate about Asian American issues in high school and joined AAA to find her voice in the broader APIA movement. She has risen from the humble ranks of OCM to Co-Political Chair (2012-2013) and President (2013-2014).

Outside of AAA, Jiawen is fascinated with international relations and is a self-professed Model UN nerd. She is involved Columbia International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA), having served as Director General of Columbia’s high school model UN conference, CMUNCE. Jiawen also works as a Peer Adviser for Columbia’s Center for Student Advising where she gives her (sometimes unsolicited) advice in the hopes that it will better her fellow students’ experiences. As any of her friends can tell you, the way to get on Jiawen’s good side is food. She particularly enjoys snacking in St. Mark’s Place and Hells Kitchen, and is always up for exploring the city for delicious treats.

Sophie Qian, CC ’15

Sophie was AAA’s secretary and now she happily stays close to the board as Senior Advisor. She was originally born in Glasgow, Scotland, grew up in Toronto, Canada (proud Canadian!) and attended high school in Short Hills, New Jersey. Currently, she is a SEAS student majoring in Operations Research and minoring in Economics. She joined AAA because she saw how hardworking, welcoming, and inspiring all the people were and wanted to be in their ranks. Each member of AAA teaches her more about Asian American issues and encourages her to keep raising awareness about them.

In addition, Sophie is a tour guide for the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee and a Student Peer Advisor.  When not furiously studying or working with AAA, Sophie can be found reading Young Adult fiction novels, scrawling madly in her agenda, and rocking out to 90s hits.



James Wen, CC ’15

James is a senior from New Jerz. He comes from a public school that was 75% Asian and never suffered from Asian American identity crisis until he came to Columbia. However, he’s ultimately glad that he found a fAAAmily to help support in the figurehead movement to craft a solid Asian American identity. Outside of AAA, he played an integral part in the planning of ECAASU 2013 (at Columbia University) and NYCASSC 2013 (at NYU). In his free time, James passionately loves the electronic music scene and is always down to hit up one of the many concerts/festivals/night clubs the city has. He recently attended his 30th concert/festival and is hoping to hit 50 before the end of his college years. James is also majoring in Computer Science and has interned at MeeGenius and Spotify.





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