Meet the Board

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Anna Fu • President 

Anna is a junior at Columbia College studying chemistry and economics. She grew up in Upstate New York, but is thrilled to be in the City. Anna is interested in science research, especially in materials science and other interesting applications of chemistry, and is currently on the Parliamentary Debate Team as well as the Columbia Science Review. Outside of school, Anna loves to eat, travel, and attend cultural events.





Jack Chen Vice President External

Jack is a junior in CC studying Economics and Political Science. He joined AAA for its great community, and really appreciates having not only learned a lot about issues facing the Asian-American community, but also made a lot of AAAwesome friends. In addition to AAA, he is a Columbia tour guide, coordinated ISOP and is the alumni chair of the business fraternity AKPsi. In his free time, he enjoys travel, board games and photography.





Anna Chen • Vice President Internal

Anna is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Economics and concentrating in Business Management. She was born in Vienna, Austria, but grew up near Toronto, Canada (also known affectionately as “the 6ix” by Drake). Anna joined AAA in her freshman year as a way to learn more about the specific issues that face the APIA community. In the coming year, she’s excited to work with AAA in fostering a meaningful dialogue around Asian American issues on campus. In her spare time, Anna enjoys visiting NYC cafés, tutoring high school students, and watching cute animal videos.




Madeleine Gao • Secretary

Maddie is a sophomore at Columbia SEAS majoring in biomedical engineering and hopefully minoring in Art History. She grew up in the often forgotten suburb of New York City, Staten Island, but is essentially a born and bred New Yorker. Growing up Staten Island, Maddie sometimes did not why she was so different from her peers. She began to realize and understand why she identified as Asian American only after joining the Chinatown Literacy Project, a student-run nonprofit ESL class for Chinese immigrants. Maddie joined AAA because she wanted to continue to foster and promote various Asian American identities and to meet others who identified similarly to her. Outside of AAA, Maddie enjoys procrastinating on Pokémon Showdown and catching up on anime.


Brandon Chin • Treasurer

Brandon is a sophomore in Columbia College double majoring in Biology and Human Rights. Raised in a primarily white Boston suburb, he was barely in touch with the Asian part of his Asian American identity. Upon transferring to a boarding school, Brandon learned more about Asian culture through a more diverse community but still felt that he lacked an understanding of what it means to be Asian American. Through joining AAA, he has been able to explore his identity and learn about the issues that face the APIA community. He is most interested in learning about the intersectionality of being both APIA and LGBT. His favorite part about AAA is the community; he has made some of his best friends through the club! Outside of AAA, Brandon is the photo editor for Columbia’s food publication, the Culiniarian. He is an avid food-instagrammer and loves to make people laugh with his sarcasm. Be his friend!!!!




Leena Dai • Co-Social Chair

Leena is a sophomore studying Economics and East Asian Studies. She’s from the faraway land of Philadelphia where they call sub sandwiches “hoagies,” and spent the past summer subletting a closet in NYC Chinatown (ask her about her landlady). Leena was super close to her grandpa, who taught her how to love her Chinese heritage and inspired her to learn more about her Asian-American identity. She’s very excited to be directing cultureSHOCK this year! Outside of school and work, Leena enjoys traveling (she’s saving up for a semester backpacking abroad!), reading Chinese literature, and food blogging (follow her IG @nychinatowneats #noshame).




Robin Guo • Co-Social Chair

Robin is a sophomore in the Columbia College with a prospective double major in Economics and Chemistry. A NYC native, he grew up in a predominately white neighborhood on the Upper West Side, and so has enjoyed learning more about his culture and other Asian American issues through the help of the Asian American Alliance. Primarily, he is concerned with changing how society views Asians and Asian culture, creating a more harmonious and equitable environment for all. Outside of school, Robin enjoys golf and soccer, working with kids through Camp Kesem, and traveling the world.




Katie Lam • Political Chair

Katie is a sophomore at Barnard College and is majoring in Sociology. In high school, and in spite of growing up in Los Angeles, Katie struggled to find an outlet for her passion towards Asian American issues. Joining AAA has given her the opportunity to challenge these issues, an experience particularly valuable in New York City. These issues include Asian American internal/external discrimination, stereotyping,  mental health, and media/film. In addition to AAA, Katie is a Speaking Fellow for Barnard College, a health educator for Peer Health Exchange, and a member of CU TASA. Katie loves ramen, fat cats, and taking advantage of NYC’s far superior transportation system.



Madeline Lee • Co-Service Chair

Madie is a sophomore in Columbia College, probably majoring in Political Science and Human Rights. Having grown up in the ratch city of Philadelphia, she found New York pretty easy to adjust to. She has been passionate about APIA issues since high school, and is appreciative of the unique space AAA provides within Columbia. Outside of class, she is a major procrastinator, so if you’re ever looking for a study buddy at 4AM, there is a 90% chance she will also be awake.  Finally, food is also a major/ the best part of her life, and she will always be down for spontaneous food adventures.




Yuanxia Lee • Co-Service Chair

Yuanxia (ShaSha) is a sophomore at Columbia College and figuring out what she will major in; she also just internally transferred from SEAS. ShaSha is from Slidell, Louisiana where the mosquitoes never die, alligators are food, and Asians are few. After joining AAA, ShaSha has found an amazing group of peers that constantly inspire her and are always teaching her something new. Outside of AAA, she is a fledgling member of the ski club. She enjoys anime, food, odd quirks, and soccer, and she loves to make new friends!



Kathleen Fan • Co-Outreach Chair

Kathleen is junior in SEAS majoring in biomedical engineering and specializing in premed. She is originally from sunny San Diego, but does enjoy the New York snow from time to time. Having grown up without truly understanding many important Asian American issues, Kathleen is really glad to have joined AAA. Outside of AAA, Kathleen is a part of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) and gives campus tours as a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Society (URC). You can often find Kathleen binge-watching a T.V. show (she finished six seasons of Gossip Girl in three weeks), listening to EDM music, or eating Nutella straight from the jar.




Andrew Tieu • Co-Outreach Chair

Andrew is a sophomore in SEAS studying biomedical engineering on a premed track with a minor in computer science. Born and raised in Philadelphia, it took a long time before Andrew realized that New Yorkers did not use Philly terminology such as “jawn” and “drawlin”. Andrew joined AAA to increase awareness of Asian American issues and to increase the political voice of the APIA community. He likes his stuffed animals more than most of his friends and has unusually frequent and loud flatulence.





Sam Siu • APIA Dialogue & Alumni Relations Director

Sam is a sophomore in CC studying maybe Theater and Stats. Sam is from the best city on Earth – San Francisco but spent many years in Hong Kong and Wuhan, China. She is in AAA to explore the issues of LGBTQ POC, antiblackness, mental health, Asian Americans in media, and intersexuality in general. On campus, she is in the archery club and does a bunch of random theater stuff. She recently started watching Glee for Brittany and Santana but is dismayed at the little airtime they have as a couple. Sam’s special talents include carving strawberry roses, corny jokes, trying to cook, posting pictures of food on IG, and being lazy.




Eric Ho • Project Manager

Eric is a junior in CC studying computer science, statistics, and education. He was born and raised in Monterey Park, CA, where the predominantly Asian community drew him to APIA issues. He had a great time working with the AAA board and community leaders last year and hopes to continue doing so this year. He likes to play clarinet in the Columbia Wind Ensemble and eat at In-N-Out.





Samantha Ong • Project Manager

Samantha is a sophomore at Barnard studying English and Biology, who grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She has always been passionate about Asian American issues and is excited to be the Fashion Head for cultureSHOCK 2015 this fall. She is a Columbia Urban Experience leader and is involved with Reformed University Fellowship. Her favorite places on campus are Joe’s and Liz’s place in the Diana Center, where you can find her getting large mint teas on cold or hot days.




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