The AAA Political Committee is dedicated to the exploration of the sociopolitical implications of the term “Asian American.”

What does it mean to be Asian American? What does it mean to identify as Asian American? How can we, as Asian American leaders, strive to bring awareness to those issues that so critically affect our communities? How can we, as Asian American leaders, mobilize and encourage the entire APIA student community to rally behind the causes that threaten to marginalize and oppress our communities? How can we, as Asian American leaders, strengthen the legacy of strong activism and fervent political participation that has so characterized the APIA community? And how can we, as Asian American leaders, do our part to ensure that the same kind of marginalization and oppression does not occur and fall upon other communities of color?

We seek to….

  • heighten awareness of issues affecting the Asian Pacific Islander American community in New York City and beyond, issues such as affordable housing, education, LGBTQ rights, mental health, voting rights/civic participation, labor reform, domestic violence, healthcare, environmental justice, etc.;
  • become a catalyst for social change by organizing around such issues and, by the same token, support progressive APA (and non-APA) political candidates who advance such issues by means of legislation and public policy;
  • eradicate cultural stereotypes and discrimination by facilitating open and honest dialogue about the causes of such bias in the media, literature, and other societal milieu;
  • build coalitions with like-minded campus organizations and ally with other students of color;
  • and research, study and chronicle the history of Asian Americans in the United States, thereupon promoting the awareness of APA history among fellow students and allies.


Past Events

  • #BlackLivesMatter Panel & Discussion
  • “She Lights Up Well” Film Screening
  • Will there ever be an Asian American President?
  • Upper West Side Sweatshop Labor Campaign – Saigon Grill Protest & Rally
  • “Lifting the Veil”: Asian American Studies and its Role in the University
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Open Mic with Black Student Organization