The AAA Service Committee prides itself on not only acting as a springboard for social awareness but also creating truly self-sustaining systems for social reform.

Service often gets a bad rap for serving as a temporary solution, as a kind of stopgap for broader issues that are more difficult to resolve. Handing out food to the homeless one day isn’t going to ensure that they’ll get food in the weeks, months, or years to come. Quite frankly, such “service” accomplishes precious little apart from indulging us with unmerited self-satisfaction.

That’s why we devote ourselves to community-based long-term projects. Although their impact won’t manifest itself as immediately as for one-time events, we have faith that sustainable service will achieve the most positive, far-reaching implications.

The Service Committee plan many efforts in conjunction with the Social and Political committees to aid the diverse Asian American communities in the New York City area. After all, the words sociopolitical and socioeconomic exist for a reason—and that’s because most public problems today call for an interdisciplinary approach. Leveraging the resources of the whole organization allows the AAA service committee to tackle complex issues in the community at large.


Past Events

  • The Naturalization Project
  • The Thought Project: Mental Health Wellness Week
  • Golden Horizons



Every year, the Asian American Alliance hosts the Crossroads leadership conference for high school students in New York City. Participants work closely with student leaders at Columbia University to learn about information, history, and leadership skills, and also gain a network of peers from which they can benefit from to become the next of generation of leaders.