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AAA Statement regarding the Columbia Hate Crime Incident

May 9th, 2013 The Incident: NBC News: Columbia University Football Player Charged with Hate Crime Columbia Football Twitter Posts: Album ESPN: Player tweets ‘disappoint’ Columbia Yahoo News: Columbia football players’ offensive tweets revealed after hate crime Huffington Post: Chad Washington, Columbia Football Player, Charged With Hate Crime Columbia AAA’s Official Statement. Thank you for the 50+ […]

My Culture is Not a Costume

With the recent Halloween celebrations I attended this year and with my increasing knowledge of social justice issues, I noticed the ways in which cultural appropriation has been covertly manifested in the holiday intended for trick or treating, haunted houses, and wearing costumes. Cultural appropriation is a concept that is […]

Remembering Grace Lee Boggs

At Barnard College’s Hewitt Dining Hall, a mural is painted with a quote from Grace Lee Boggs BC ’35. “Activism can be about the journey rather than the arrival.” It’s had a profound impact on what I thought I knew about her. As I was beginning to write this blog […]

Asians, Fashion, Style

6:00 A.M. alarm went off, and it was time to get ready for school. By 7:00 A.M., I was always downstairs in a cute outfit that I had picked out the night before, hair curled, makeup on point, and in a pair of heels that boosted my 5’2 frame as […]

Mixing Identites

Success and laziness. Water and electronics. Taylor Swift and relationships. None of these pairs mix, and apparently being gay and Asian, at least in my family, do not either. I grew up in what I like to think of as a stereotypical Asian-American family. My parents started giving me math […]

Crossroads Reflection

On March 7, 2015, students from various high schools across New York City attended Crossroads, AAA’s annual high school conference. Through interactive discussions, guided workshops, and group activities, the students explored what it means to be Asian American in this day and age. Several electives were available for each student, […]

ECAASU Reflection

In February, I attended ECAASU 2015, an Asian-American advocacy conference hosted in Boston, along with several other AAA members. The conference involved workshops, speakers and performances in order to highlight a range of Asian-American activists and talent. I went because it was really inspiring when I attended ECAASU 2014 in […]


If you saw us, you wouldn’t know it but Dad couldn’t speak Mandarin And Mom never watched Taiwanese TV. We ate braised pork for dinner, but as a family, attended More bat mitsvahs than Chinese New Years The divorce, his depression, our distance There had always been too much that […]